Steve Moye is a founder and the CEO of Avexia Health, an emerging company based in Denver, Colorado. Established in 2017, the startup is focused on building a digital Athlete Recovery Engine, which is designed with the purpose of supporting injured athletes through every stage of recovery — physical, emotional and behavioral, social, and in relation to medication management.

In time, Avexia Health aims to lower the rate of opioid abuse within the athletic community, as its related programs will aid its users in managing pain naturally and properly, rather than relying on strong medications to do the work for them. Furthermore, this program aims to reduce isolation, unnecessary medical expenses, and other stressors that affect athletes around the world.

These goals align with Steve Moye’s own passions, fitness and medicine, and his experiences at previous healthcare companies. Throughout his 15+ years in the healthcare and technology industries, Steve served a number of institutions, always striving to improve digital solutions for patients with a myriad of conditions and medical needs, both long- and short-term. These experiences have aided him greatly in determining just what recovering athletes need, as well as an efficient and cost-effective method of meeting those needs.

Avexia Health’s Athlete Recovery Engine is that method. Coming in the form of an easily accessible app, the program will be clinically-moderated and boast features such as personalized recovery support, a mood checker, stress relieving breathing tools, color-coded medication tracking and alerts, side-effect tracker, and a moderated peer support community that allows users to interact with and encourage one another. All forum posts remain anonymous to enhance users’ comfort in using this feature and to decrease stigma surrounding the topic of athletic injury.

Furthermore, the Athlete Recovery Engine will offer users a social circle of care, meaning they can share their progress with their trusted physicians, coaches, and family members, giving them a greater sense of support from those outside of the athletic community. Additionally, this feature ensures physicians are looped in on information their patients find pertinent to their journey to recovery.

This unique platform has truly set Avexia Health apart from its sparse competitors, piquing investors’ interest and fueling the executives’ optimistic outlook for the new year.

Needless to say, Steve Moye feels just as enthusiastic about and dedicated to Avexia Health’s long-term growth and mission, especially as their staff has expanded, recently welcoming two new board members, Nathan Thomson and George Gardner.

To learn more about Steve Moye and Avexia Health, please visit the company’s website.