Steve Moye

Steve Moye is a maker of success who ushers companies and products from ideation through execution and profitability.

Steve Moye is a leading healthcare professional and senior business executive who currently lives in Denver, Colorado. Steve is a native of Atlanta, Georgia but currently resides in Denver, Colorado.  Steve Moye has been living and working in Denver, Colorado for years perfecting his profession. When it comes to the business and scientific side of healthcare, Steve has worked with both for most of his life. 

Steve has been very involved with cancer research and charity with nonprofit organizations. Organizations such as Livestrong and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Steve’s passion for health through involvement with cancer research and charity continues.

Throughout Steve’s life, he has been a diligent, dedicated individual with passions not only in his professional field but also through his involvement with charity.  Over the course of his involvement with charity, Steve Moye has participated in different capacities in a wide array of disease-related charity events.  Through his participation in a series of annual fundraising activities and advocacy events, Steve worked in conjunction with colleagues in the community and other supporters in an effort to promote the importance of disease-specific prevention and early detection, in addition to the vital role that research plays in finding cures.

Steve gained everything he needed to become successful from his in-depth series of education throughout his life. Steve first attended Georgia State University and obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government. In 2003, he attended the National Venture Capital Association. Steve received his certification, Venture Capital Investment. Steve Moye then went to Stanford University where he graduated with a certification of Bioinformatics. Lastly, Steve attended CFA Institute from 2014-2017 and obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Steve Moye served as a Principle for SM Consulting in Duluth, Georgia from 2011-2012. His time there was spent providing strategy consulting, technology, retail and healthcare sectors to drive strategic vision, foster long-term sustainability and establish fiscally and operationally sound organizations. Steve also built world-class businesses from inception to fruition and losing ventures into profitable enterprises. He was respected and sought out time and again for the ability to inspire, galvanize, build consensus and win trust from internal and external stakeholders.  Steve served as a senior advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs from Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, KBHomes, and Rock Tenn Corporation, among others.

Steve Moye served as the President of Virtual Health Services from 2012 to 2015. It is also known as Catholic Health Initiatives. Steve oversaw the development of three new business lines while there. He also identified a technology platform that integrates social platforms. Steve transitioned VHS into a growth business when it was once a company with little structure and no business plan.

Technology in telemedicine will play a key role when it comes to shifting labor costs. This is one of Steve Moye’s firm beliefs. Steve spoke in an article published by Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine and explains, “After a smaller test period, Catholic Health Initiatives in Englewood, Colorado, began rolling out a tele-pharmacy program across its 105 hospitals.  All prescription orders are funneled to a centralized facility, freeing clinical pharmacists to focus on caring for the patient,” (Stempniak, Spreading Clinical Reach Helps Cut Labor Costs).

Steve left Virtual Health Services and continued his career as Consultant Head of Operations at Specimatch from 2015-2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Specimatch is a startup consumer subscription company which serves as a digital Personal Cancer Surveillance Delivery Assistant. This proactively searches the world of cancer care for the latest breakthroughs. It is all priority matched to be a patient’s Metabase based on the most current genetic and clinical profile. Steve was primarily responsible for managing company operations, the overall growth strategy, organizational startup leadership, and sales efforts. Steve Moye was instrumental in helping to reposition Specimatch to a digital health company.

Steve worked side-by-side with Founder/investor and CFO to develop and launch a consumer subscription platform, business and operating models, pricing strategies and financial analysis and reports. He led the development of strategic partnerships to expand the company’s existing precision oncology product portfolio. This includes genetic and genomic testing companies, second opinion interpretation and tumor storage companies, and developing our product for clinical testing for consumers.

From 2015-2017, Steve Moye then transitioned into the role of CEO at AdhereRx in Denver, Colorado. AdhereRx helps people integrate healthier behavior into their daily lives by providing a cloud-based mobile medication management solution. This monitors their adherence to medications and treatment plans. Steve was primarily responsible for managing company operations, the overall growth strategy, marketing and sales efforts to health plans, retail and providers and developing relationships with VC’s and angel investors.

He was recruited by the Chairman of the Board to restart the company. Steve recruited a team of software developers to re-write the software for the mobile health platform. The company is on a path to completing its prototype development. All live medication adherence use case testing has finished. The company entered into a pilot project with a health system to launch the project.

Steve Moye is currently CEO of Avexia, Inc in Denver, Colorado. Avexia’s mission is to put the athlete and individuals with active lifestyles who experienced injury in the center of their care team by designing a digital, evidence-based solution that delivers personalized recovery support to help the individual to manage all factors of recovery: physical, medical, behavioral and social anytime, anywhere.

The Health Engine, a digital interactive platform integrates evidence-based tools and educational resources to engage the individual in the activation and self-management of their personalized treatment plan. It encourages the individual to take a larger role in the management of healing through a range of tools; from mood, behavioral health assessments, activity tracking, pain, soreness, and medication management to selecting their circle of care team. At the center of the solution is a 24/7, clinically-moderated peer support community. As an anonymous community, its designed to break down the barriers of stigma as well as creating the effect of online disinhibition where people become more comfortable sharing their concerns and experiences with others.

Steve Moye is very passionate about building and transforming this space.

He is also very passionate about fitness. Since his profession is dedicated to helping others live healthy lifestyles, he too practices good health habits on an individual level. Steve eats a balanced diet and frequently bicycles. He has been involved with riding bikes to relieve stress for the past decade. He also obtains an adequate amount of exercise and enjoys beautiful, scenic bike routes.

Steve tries to attain the many benefits of bicycling that involves maintaining a healthy body and mind. He also integrates his passion for technology through exercise. Steve utilizes digital wearables that calculate various aspects of his workouts, such as how many miles he’s ridden and how many calories he’s burned.

Steve continues to promote a healthy lifestyle by setting a good example for others and using the knowledge he’s acquired as a professional in the world of healthcare.

Steve Moye’s extensive knowledge in technology associated with healthcare has helped change the lives of many. Though all of his work, Steve continues to be an avid supporter of technology in the healthcare industry, hoping to improve and deliver help to a wide range of people in various innovative ways.


In his constant quest for success, Steve Moye loves the fast pace and excitement of rapidly-changing environments.


If there’s a single factor that has made Steve successful over the years, it’s an obsession with creating the most exceptional products available to make the finest companies.


Raised $200M+ in capital and led multiparty negotiation and structuring of $47M Wall Street transaction for a healthcare group.

Provided marketing/sales growth guidance and played a strategic role for over 15 product launches using eCommerce for B2C and B2B dot com companies.

Directed due diligence and brokered the merger of a region’s largest healthcare provider with 7 hospitals, 35 clinics and 600 physicians; guided post-merger integration of operating model and IT organization.

Increased international market share 700% and established new trade distribution channels in Spain, Portugal and Italy for a Taiwanese-owned freight company.

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