Steve Moye

Steve Moye is a maker of success who ushers companies and products from ideation through execution and profitability.

With the rapidly-changing consumer healthcare space of today, there’s a high demand for disruptive leaders and new solutions. Through highly curated, technology-enabled clinical solutions, Steve Moye has been at the forefront of this change. He currently serves as the CEO of Avexia, Inc., an emerging digital company based in Denver dedicated to building technology to help injured athletes on the way to recovery.



In his constant quest for success, Steve Moye loves the fast pace and excitement of rapidly-changing environments.


If there’s a single factor that has made Steve successful over the years, it’s an obsession with creating the most exceptional products available to make the finest companies.


Raised $200M+ in capital and led multiparty negotiation and structuring of $47M Wall Street transaction for a healthcare group.

Provided marketing/sales growth guidance and played a strategic role for over 15 product launches using eCommerce for B2C and B2B dot com companies.

Directed due diligence and brokered the merger of a region’s largest healthcare provider with 7 hospitals, 35 clinics and 600 physicians; guided post-merger integration of operating model and IT organization.

Increased international market share 700% and established new trade distribution channels in Spain, Portugal and Italy for a Taiwanese-owned freight company.

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Steve Moye | Avexia Health

Steve Moye is a founder and the CEO of Avexia Health, an emerging company based in Denver, Colorado. Established in 2017, the startup is focused on building a digital Athlete Recovery Engine, which is designed with the purpose of supporting injured athletes through...

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